Who we are

The people below are closely related to Massvis AB. However, we are colleagues and collaborators to numerous visualization researchers with various expertise, and affiliated with various international visualization organizations. Thus, based on your visualization area of interest, we probably know the right person(s) to consult.


Anders Ynnerman

Since 1999 he is holding a chair in scientific visualization at Linköping University and he is the director of the Norrköping Visualization Center – C, which currently constitutes one of the main focal points for research and education in computer graphics and visualization in the Nordic region.

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Erik Sundén

Focusing on the field of immersive visualization(such as virtual reality), interactive applications and modern visualization of spatial data through work at Linköping University and Visualization Center – C, along with work at several medical visualization companies (Siemens, Sectra and ContextVision).

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Martin Falk

Currently working in the field of scientific visualization. He holds a PhD and MSc degree in computer science and has a background in energy systems. His research interests include visualization in systems biology, flow visualization, and digital pathology.

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Daniel Jönsson

Researcher in scientific visualization with a focus on interaction and perception of volumetric data. His work involves high performance computation techniques and human computer interaction for visualization. He has also worked in industry with medical ultrasound visualization.

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Jimmy Johansson

Senior researcher in Information Visualization, which involve studying state-of-the-art methods for interactive visual representations of abstract data, which can be numerical and/or non-numerical, multi-variate, time-varying, geographical etc.

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Peter Steneteg

Holds a PhD in theoretical physics and a master of science in applied physics. He is currently working through SeRC (Swedish e-Science) acting as a bridge between visualization researchers and the members of the theoretical physics group.

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Karljohan Lundin Palmerius

Has since 2002 been deeply involved in development of new multi-modal interaction techniques and systems. Expert in haptic interaction, or haptic force feedback, which is the technology that enables physical touch in computer environments.

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